Apple today announced a new iPhone 12 mini. It’s the first time that Apple has used the “mini” moniker on its iPhone model, having previously used it on the iPod mini, iPad mini, and Mac mini. The new iPhone 12 mini has a 5.4-inch screen, which means that Apple has crammed a bigger display than the 4.7-inch screen seen on this year’s iPhone SE into an iPhone 12 mini smartphone that’s smaller overall.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Apple iPhone 12 Mini – The smallest iPhone ever

Apple made the $729 iPhone 12 mini smaller by eliminating the Touch ID and replacing it with the Face ID, along with a major decrease in the bezels around the display. Apple says it’s the smallest, finest, and lightest 5G handset in the world.

Like the iPhone 12, the mini model also uses the Apple A14 Bionic, a 5 nm processor with low energy consumption and performance than the A13. It contains a six-core CPU (two high and four low) that Apple says is 50% faster than the A13 chip. It also contains a four-core GPU, which Apple claims would allow “console-quality games.”

This mini model also shares the majority of the iPhone 12 key features and architecture. It features smooth aluminum sides that now complement the iPad Pro and iPad Air (and are identical to the iPhone 4 from 10 years ago).

Camera specs and some special features

Shared features include a 12-megapixel f/1.6 main camera — the highest aperture of any iPhone — and an ultra-wide 12MP camera. Apple has increased the low-light performance of the iPhone 12 mini, and the front-facing camera will now have its own Night Mode. 

The show glass on the mini model is also covered with what Apple calls the “Ceramic Cover” for improved longevity. Water and dust tolerance has also been increased to IP68.

Apple is now using the new MagSafe magnet system on the 12 mini iPhone. It supports wireless chargers (including Qi-enabled devices), case adapters, and even leather wallets that all clip onto the back of the device. 

iPhone 12 Mini

Pricing and Availability

Apple’s iPhone 12 mini is priced beginning at $729 and will be offered in five color options: blue, green, black, white, and product red, iPhone 12 mini pre-orders beginning on November 6th at 5AM PT/8AM ET, with the smartphone shipping on November 13th.

Apple initially revealed that the iPhone 12 Mini would cost $699. Currently, the MSRP is $729. The lower price applies only after a $30 discount from individual carriers


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