iPhone 12: All You Need To Know

4 models this year by Apple

2020 might not seem normal but Apple is gearing up to announce a new iPhone around this time of year. We may be able to see about four new iPhone models released with shipping to be started as late as November. Of course, what Apple offers is better than previous models and so will the new models be faster, with improved camera and will include 5G.

We have summed all the leaks from the sources and mentioned them all below, so it becomes easier for you all.

Name of new iPhone 12?

iPhone 12

It will be obvious that it would be named iPhone 12 but sometimes Apple tends to change the series name by using roman variables as it did after the iPhone 9 and opting name iPhone X. Although it is not a habit of Apple to mix up the naming schema for the iPhone lineup. As it was iPhone 11 previously and so it will be iPhone 12 this year.

Number of Models?

There is an expectations of getting 2 regular models and 2 Pro models this year. If we consider the rumors being flooded in market the models lineup is iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Display sizes of the iPhone 12 and 12 Max could range from 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches respectively. And the Proline iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max possibly have 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens, respectively. 

Cost of iPhone 12?

Pricing can start from an expected cut of $649 and ranging up to a cost of $1099 on higher end.

5G connectivity is a possible addition to the iPhone 12 and the entire line will be moved to OLED displays by Apple. It is still a rumour show that by how much the iPhone 12 cost will increase but still it could range between $649 and $1099.

In the past Jon Prosser, who has accurately leaked information about Apple and Google had other insights about the series. He posted on Twitter in April telling about the possible range of prices for the whole lineup according to the sources: The iPhone 12 will cost $649, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be priced at $1,099, according to the tweet. 

When to Buy?

It seems like announcements are likely to happen on October but could extend shipping till November.

Announcements made by Apple are always set to roll out in September and roughly 10 days after that the launch would happen. But the Apple has pre-informed that the launch of its iPhone series will be few weeks late.

“Time Flies” event on Sept. 15 is being held by the company but current speculation is the event will focus on the Apple Watch and a new iPad Air to be rolled out. 

It is certain that we need to wait for the new iPhones but as we saw wait is worth it. 

Prosser said that the iPhone announcement will happen in the week of Oct 12 in one of his tweets. 

Although he had mentioned that Apple Watch and iPad will be launched via press release this week but still it isn’t released but an event has been set this week, Apple announced an event — where it’s expected to unveil those items.

Looks of iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 will be a square edged design which will be similar to iPhone5 or the iPad Pro

The new iPhone models will move away from the rounded edges used on the iPhone 11 as per the  Bloomberg report and will be going back to the iPhone 5 and iPad Pro-like flat-edged design. 

The Pro models having three cameras along with a LIDAR sensor for 3D scanning showing that the back will look similar. On other hand the standard model of iPhone 12 will have 2 cameras at the back.

Face ID sensor array has also been under speculations which is also referred to as the True Depth Camera and will be smaller this year. This will be shrinking down the overall size of the notch that cuts into the top of the iPhone’s display. 

The Pro models will stick with a stainless-steel housing and similarly the standard iPhone 12 models will continue to use an aluminum housing.

There are rumors in market claims the green released for iPhone 11 series will be retired and will be replaced with a blue color. And the renders of the phones were amazing as per this video.

Is 5G available?

5G is a strong yes for the iPhone 12 series. In August reports by Bloomberg state that Apple releasing the new 4 models will come with 5G connectivity. 

Specs and Features?

LCD panels in the base iPhone 12 model(s) is expected to make the switch by using OLED panels across the entire line this year. The OLED are a big upgrade as it is brighter, have better color contrast and deeper blacks and is a good thing for experience. 

In the iPhone 12, Apple will presumably announce its latest A14 Bionic processor that is being used in the lineup. The A14 Bionic processor will be boasting performance improvements. 

There’s been speculation off and on that 120Hz ProMotion display technology could be featured in the iPhone 12 Pro line, but nothing concrete has really come out of it of the rumors. 

Finally, the new LIDAR sensor that was in the current iPad Pro lineup by Apple will extend its way to the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Better augmented reality applications could be created using the camera offered by Apple and developers and its credit goes to the 3D scanning technology the camera brings to the line. 



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