iPhone 12 Magsafe collects Iron From Sand discovers User

MagSafe is a magnetically attached wireless power transfer or we can say that a wireless charger. Earlier it was only for MacBook Notebooks but last year Apple gives this facility to iPhone 12 phones. Recently, a user of iPhone 12 discovers that his phone collects iron from sand in Tahoe lake.

iPhone 12 MagSafe attracts Iron

iPhone has more magnets since from release of the iPhone 12 between the speakers, camera stabilizers, and MagSafe. These points will attract magnetic things towards the phone.

As first spotted by AppleInsider, a user of iPhone 12 posted a picture on Reddit which shows the phone’s backside which attracts sand in some areas like the MagSafe concentric circle, near the camera, and speakers. While others parts of the phone remain clean.

The phone collected sand from Tahoe lake. Its sand is made from all kinds of rocks which are pulverized with time. It also has iron oxides, pyrites, and magnetite. Though these elements were collected at the phone’s backside. The user does not show the phone display, speaker holes, or ports.  

There are not these elements that can be attracted but there are more like ferrous metals in the sand, shavings from the workshop, knives, etc. These particles can also harm the phone display by scratches and camera too. 

iPhone 12 MagSafe feature is quite good but it can also affect the patients. But it is revealed that iPhone 12 causes a low risk. Apple also gives some guidelines to be on the safe side like when visiting industrial areas or hazardous areas with ferrous dust than keeping the iPhone in a sealed case or Ziploc bag. There are always some cons with some benefits. I hope you like this information. Visit us again to get more things like this!


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