Doctors Report States iPhone 12 Risk to Pacemakers

iPhone 12 – Unsafe?

It is known that every electric device we own is responsible for generating electromagnetic fields when in use. But iPhone 12 is something special in this case as it has magnets as they are used for supporting the new generation MagSafe of Apple for wireless charging. 

It has been noticed that these magnets can have some effect on objects and devices that rely on magnetism to function properly. Though a warning has been issued by Apple itself about the phones’ electromagnetic interference nothing different from its previous iPhones. But a cardiologist seems to have a different thought on this. 

iPhone 12 and Magsafe

Pacemakers under Threat

Gurjit Singh, a cardiologist at the Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute along with his colleagues released a report in Jan and now has published their findings that may raise more concerns over the iPhone 12. This concern is for patients with implanted medical devices like pacemakers and defibrillators. And the sad part of using the iPhone 12 for these patients is that mere passing the phone over the chest is dangerous enough. 

So one must imagine what can go wrong with these devices as a defibrillator can be deactivated by just passing iPhone 12 over it. And the heart can go out of sync in the case of a pacemaker as iPhone 12 can result in the device sending that electric charge that is normally done to put the heart back in sync by detecting an irregular rhythm. These were designed to be operated by magnets as it makes the work of a doctor easier by not opening a patient time and again. 

A Huge Number under Risk

And this is a concern because in the report about 300,000 people in the US get these devices implanted each year and one out of every 4 phones sold last year was an iPhone 12, so the probability of a person using an iPhone 12 with a pacemaker or any such device is high. 

Advisory was already issued by Apple on their behalf but no serious steps are being taken by FDA or Apple itself to control it. 



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