Apple for the first time in its history crosses $111 billion in quarterly revenue and now has 1 billion active iPhone users

Records are meant to be broken, and Apple today is proving this saying true. As Apple has made word Billion their theme for today, by making over $111 billion in a single quarter for the first time in the company’s history and also hitting a new milestone of more than 1 billion active iPhone users around the world (which is the company’s new all-time high install base record).

Apple surpasses $100 billion Quarterly Revenue – First Time 

Apple themselves came out with the figures report of their earnings for Q1 2021 which covered the lucrative holiday shopping season. Record-breaking $111.44 billion in revenue is been reported by the company which accounts for a profit of $28.76 billion. 

iPhones, Wearables, and Services all together have set new revenue records for the tech giants. A 21% rise was seen in total revenue year-over-year while on other hand the quarterly earnings were up 35% to $1.68 per diluted share. 


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said that this quarter for the company has been possible with the efforts and innovative strategies of every team member of the company all over the world. The response for Apple by the customer has been enthusiastic for their unmatched line of cutting-edge products delivered in this holiday season. He added that along with these figures, helping the communities to manage Racial Equity has their focus. And they strongly uphold their promise of investing $350 billion throughout the United States. 

Apple Products that Made Q1 2021 Worth 

This quarter of the fiscal year was a significant one for Apple because it was covering October, November, and December. These months are considered to be the most profitable three months due to the holiday shopping. And this year, the number has been significant due to the pandemic era. 

The Mac and iPad businesses have been the profitable sector due to the rise in work from home due to pandemic. iPad Air and new M1 Macs were released during this quarter along with the iPhone 12 line-up being released.

The unit Sales figure is not reported by the company yet for any of its hardware products, but it releases revenue breakdown by product category which is as under.

  • $65.60 billion: iPhone
  • $15.76 billion: Services
  • $12.97 billion: Wearables, Home, and Accessories
  • $8.68 billion: Mac
  • $8.44 billion: iPad

Apple Has Over 1 Billion Active iPhone Users

Apple has reported that with over $100 billion in revenue, they also have achieved the milestone of more than 1 billion active iPhones. This proves the continued success and longevity of their phone. This was pointed by Tim Cook who said that there are about 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use overall.

iPhone 1 billion active users

Tech gaints had been in the race for a long time by approaching at a medium pace as it sold its billionth iPhone in 2016. However, the 900 million active iPhone users were achieved in January 2019. The count is kept up to date as they grade an iPhone active if it has been engaged with an Apple service within the last 90 days. But it was believed that Apple will achieve the sale of 1.9 Billionth iPhone by end of 2020 which was not announced by Apple. 

Another milestone was achieved of a record-setting number of FaceTime calls were made on Christmas 2020. This was the connection made by the pandemic as families were already apart, FaceTime acted as a connecting link. 

This quarter seems to be a rejuvenating one as the sales and usage are at an all-time high. But it was not so same in the past as the company tried to diversify its list of products due to its iPhone unit slow sales. This was because people tend to hang on their iPhones for longer, even if limited iPhones are regulated in the Market. However, Apple seems to improve their lineup every year, same could be seen with MacBook.



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