Apple to Launch Always on Display in iPhone 13

iPhone 13 – Always-on Display 

With the last quarter sales of iPhone has touched new grounds in 2020, now experts have an eye on the 2021 iPhone line-up – iPhone 13. With these new leaks and insider information are floating out, one such info is being shared by a well-known leaker Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro about a flurry of next-gen iPhone leaks. The most fascinating description in the leaks was an always-on display. 

This means that a battery-efficient 120Hz LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display will mimic your lock screen and will be in analogy with on some Android handsets that deliver a handful of information without any input. So, your screen will consecutively display only the battery and clock but a “bar and icons” would be showing your notifications. These notifications will pop up on your screen but only momentarily. 

iPhone 13 - always on display

Improved Camera & Fingerprint Reader

Along with the always-on display there comes rumors of the camera getting upgraded across the line with an improved ultra-wide cam (with better low-light performance), a Galaxy S21 like portrait video mode, and automatic astrophotography. They will also aim to improve the strength of MagSafe magnets. 

The design part may be similar to iPhone 12 line-up this year for iPhone 13, but according to Weinbach, there will a grippier matte back on the Pro models. Some of the rumors have said that iPhone will be using smaller and less intrusive notch used for Face ID and front cam. This time they may be used in-display fingerprint reader as a new feature. 

Apple in Tact with Screens Idea

These rumors are based on pre-production time, so keeping the accuracy of the source aside, Apple can easily be changing or adding or cutting features before production starts. 120Hz displays were supposedly dropped by the company from the iPhone 12 family due to issues regarding battery life. So if Apple aiming to always-on display would demand technological advances. So they will visit LPTO which is responsible for making always-on screens viable in recent Apple Watches. So, Apple can be close enough to aim so without making some sacrifices to develop iPhone 13.



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