WhatsApp has added an extra layer of security today to its Web and desktop app. As from now, it will ask users for biometric ID confirmation at the time of linking their accounts to the web and desktop versions of the messaging platform. The Facebook-owned messaging platform is introducing this additional layer of protection in order to limit the chances of curb account hacking.

Before this while linking/logging into the account on Whatsapp’s desktop or web version we have to simply scan a QR code through our smartphone. It was convenient, but also have chances of potential privacy breaches, like if anyone has access to your smartphone, he/she could easily access your chats.

And in the same context, starting from today, this extra layer of security is indeed a good move by WhatsApp. This new biometric authentication feature is coming for both Android and iOS users. And will be enabled by default on both, with the only way to off it is to completely switch off face or fingerprint unlock from your phone.

While logging this will first verify your identity by biometrics, and then will let you scan a QR code with your phone. WhatsApp in FAQ states that the authentication process is entirely handled by the device’s operating systems’ biometric APIs and WhatsApp won’t have access or can see your biometric data stored on your phone.

This new feature comes after the chat service faced intense backlash from all around the globe over its new privacy policy, which allows WhatsApp to collect and share its users’ data with Facebook. However, aside from this company is working on some more features for its non-mobile apps, with also “adding a lot more functionality to its apps for Mac and Windows, as well as the Web” hopefully this year.

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