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The Apple gossip factory sure is stirring quick and furious today. As expected, the 27-inch iMac released last summer will be the last of its kind having Intel inside. It will be the last to feature the signature iMac design, with thick black bezels around the display and a massive aluminium chin with the apple logo on it. The iMac is at long last getting a reboot.

Bloomberg reported that Apple will replace its Intel iMac lineup with the new 21.5 and 27 inch variants with Apple Silicon inside later this year. This is the first big overhaul the iMac has received in nine years, which is quite wild. Recent iMacs were very good, particularly if you opted for the nano-texture glass screen, but still, they look dated. Bloomberg states that that the new iMacs will resemble closely to Apple’s pro display XDR monitor, costing around $5000.

The processing power we’ve seen from Apple’s ARM-based M1 chip in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is likely a sample of what’s to come in the new iMac. The major overhaul in design is just limited to the iMacs and will not come to iPhones or MacBooks.

via- Bloomberg

For experts who need considerably more from their machines than an iMac can deliver, Apple is likewise allegedly creating two new Mac Pros. The variant that will probably stand apart is an upgraded Pro that may look like the Power Mac G4 Cube, as indicated by Bloomberg, and will be powered by Apple Silicon. The subsequent will appear to be like the Mac Pro delivered in 2019 and game Intel processors. Truly, a G4 Cube look would be abundantly refreshing after two abnormal-looking Mac Pros: the 2019 cheese grater stylish, which followed the 2013 garbage bin Pro.

If you would prefer not to shell out $5,000 for the Pro Display XDR to go with your Mac Pro (or Mac Mini) yet, also, need an Apple-designed screen, the company is likewise allegedly chipping away at a less expensive form. It clearly won’t have the professional look of the Pro Display; however, a great many people needn’t bother with something so the top of the line in a day by day use.

We would welcome an Apple display for regular people after the $1,000 Thunderbolt Display was eliminated five years back. Presently we simply need to keep a watch out if these advancements work out as intended—however, the chances are looking very acceptable.  


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