Afterlife, some people believe that there is something more than life. That’s why the idea of the afterlife came into existence. This idea itself is pretty dumb but looks like now people are trying to relate it to science. Netflix came with new series telling their audience that there is an afterlife they also said that science can prove it. If you ask me then I would say it’s a dumb thing to do. Netflix’s series approach to verifying the afterlife is also a mess of confusion and now the targeted audience will watch it too, which is kinda funny.

The name of this new series is “Surviving Death”. This series is based on a book of the same name by Leslie Kean, she is a journalist. I wonder how these people even come up with all these ideas? This show was supposed to present the “proof” of the afterlife and back it up with science but this show is busy discussing ghost hunting and memories supposed to be of past life and sometimes they do talk about the afterlife but if you ask me I don’t think they are doing some science stuff there.

These are some baseless religious beliefs now which will now brainwash more people than they ever did before. This show is completely a scam this show was presumed to explain the afterlife with science but they started discussing religious faith and all that. Religious beliefs fall outside the realm of science mostly.

Afterlife series
Credit: Netflix

In the very first episode, they interviewed some people who had survived death. Interviews describe their experience as they are drowning, flatlining after an allergic reaction. People recalled meeting dead people and some people experienced the bright lights or falling into the void, while other people recalled seeing doctors trying to help them. This all suggests that people can have some sort of consciousness when they shouldn’t have any.

But this all doesn’t mean that these experiences are mystical it’s also possible that brain activity and consciousness stay active for a while even when the flow of blood stops. A study from 2018 suggests that these experiences share the common effects of a psychedelic drug named N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). DMT is produced naturally in mammals. After studying this on rats they found out that level of DMT increases during cardiac arrest in then. This near-death experience has not been studied on humans so the mechanism behind these near-death experiences remains unsolved.

These near-death experiences can be a part of science to explore but all other aspects of it like the afterlife delve into the realm of faith.



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