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The world’s first remains of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy which is pregnant has been discovered in Warsaw, dating back about 2,000 years-it is the phase around when Queen Cleopatra resigned. The mummy was found by an American archaeologist in the Egypt in Royal Tombs of Thebes, also showed in radiological examination.

It was brought to Warsaw in 1826 and is on display on the National Museum of Warsaw. Firstly it was thought to be a male mummy of an ancient Egyptian priest named Hor-Djehuty based on the analysis of hieroglyphs of the sarcophagus. But then CT and X-ray scans show the remains of the fetus, inside the Egyptian Mummy. One scan shows that this mummy has long curly hair up to her shoulder.

The women were in their 20’s and were between 6-7 months pregnant when she died- the team said (Experts from the Polish Academy). They aimed to scan all the mummies. Fetuses are repeatedly found in burials. Yet the team can’t say exactly why the fetus was left inside the woman and not mummified separately. There is no other such preserved ancient body of a pregnant woman.

Ancient Mummy
The coffin, cartonnage case, and mummy. (National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw Mummy Project)

Egyptian too mummified fetuses separately. They would try to take the babies with them into the afterlife. You could confer from that there’s a belief this child can go to the afterlife, and also the belief that this is a fully formed person as such when they preserve the body.

The mummy was carefully wrapped in the fabrics and left with a rich set of amulets to see her afterlife. This means the women may belong to the middle class. (Acc. to the journal of Archeological science)

This study opens up a new aspect of the ancient Egyptian religion and society for research. Particularly over why the fetuses have not been removed after the death of women. Now researchers can find new concepts about ancient Egyptian living. “Although the desire of high mortality in Egyptian during the birth of a child is not the secret”. They tried different methods to attain mortality in their life.

This discovery has opened up the possibilities of learning about the pregnancy and treatment of complexations in ancient times.


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