A Man uses Raspberry Pi to control the LEDs with his Brain! - Craffic

Raspberry Pi is a series of single-board computers that provide GPIO(General Purpose Input/Output) along with giving users the ability to control electronic components for physical computing and learn IoT(Internet of Things), which we have seen in many Pi-based projects previously. But this time a man with the username The_Wolfiee on Reddit has used Raspberry Pi in a project, where he uses his brain waves to control the LEDs with MMI (Mind- Machine Interface). MMI is used to convert brain signals into commands for external devices.

The MMI takes the brain’s signal through the sensor which is attached to the forehead and those signals are sent to Raspberry Pi which is interpreted by python, where the LED light according to the signal.

Python detects the blinking of eyes through which the changes are performed.  With a single blink, one can select LED and after that, with every one blink the LEDs would rotate. After choosing the particular LED, two consecutive blinks would turn it on and three consecutive blinks would turn it off.

The sensor used is from Neuro Sky’s Mindwave Mobile headset, which has fewer electrodes than medical-grade devices, but is cheaper than them.

GitHub provides some Python libraries for Mindwave Mobile Sensor through which it is possible to create the MMI Pi project. You can check on Reddit for this project.


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