VR Military Simulator 'Onward' Developers Joining Facebook's Oculus Studios - Craffic

Facebook‘s Oculus TV provided features of watching TV shows and movies in virtual reality. And now the Oculus has expanded its VR by seizing one more popular VR game developer ‘Downpour Interactive’.

Downpour Interactive is the studio that has developed the famous multiplayer military simulator Onward.


As on Friday, the Downpour Interactive studio was taken over by Facebook’s Oculus on this Mike Verdu, the VP of AR/VR content on Facebook said that they have noticed a massive growth with the ‘Onward’ on Oculus platform as before it was on Oculus Rift and lately on Oculus Quest.


As per FAQ on the studio’s website, the CEO of Downpour Interactive has said that Onward is being shifted to Oculus but there will be no change in the feature roadmap .i.e. it will still be available on the Oculus Rift, Steam, and Quest. It’s just that they have shifted in order to accelerate their development.

Although nothing much is told about finances. But yes, it is said that transactions include the complete studio.


This is not the first time when Facebook has acquired VR Studio to beef up its Oculus Studios. Previously we saw Facebook acquiring Beat Saber developer of Beat Games in 2019, Asgard’s Wrath maker of Sanzaru Games in early 2020, and most notably the Lone Echo creator Ready at Dawn in the second half of 2020, which will release its latest game, Lone Echo II, this summer.

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