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Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the best shows till now. This is a science-fiction drama that has almost everything; romance, thrill, and comedy. It has introduced audiences to a no. of compelling characters, but the series’ limited no. of episodes means supporting figures don’t always get as much of a presence in an adventure as its main cast, however, Dark Horse will be helping expand the world by delivering audiences a new graphic novel focusing on Lucas’ sister, Erica Sinclair.

After her debut in Stranger Things Season 2, Erica made the most of her screentime and took more importance in Season 3, while the upcoming graphic novel will center around Erica especially. The graphic novel, Erica the Great!, is being released on November 23rd. The exclusive preview of the book has been revealed by SYFY WIRE.

The young adult graphic novel; Stranger Things: Erica the Great! has been written by Greg Pak and Danny Lore with artwork by Valeria Favoccia, colors by Dan Jackson, and letters from Nate Piekos.

Stranger Things: Erica the Great
Credit: Dark Horse Comics

Greg Pak also detailed the series, said, “I love the way tie-in comics can open the door for tremendous supporting characters to become the star of the show” and “Erica Sinclair is absolutely a star and it has been a blast exploring her world with Danny and Valeria and company and I can’t wait ‘til everyone gets to see how Erica the Great earns her name.”

Currently, Season 4 of Stranger Things in production, which should definitely excite Erica fans. Actress Priah Ferguson earned a promotion to be a series regular in the new adventure, as opposed to merely being a guest star in Season 2 or a recurring role for Season 3. But star Joe Keery previously teased that the new season is likely its scariest yet.

Joe told Total Film last May that, “Oh man, it’s pretty amazing, the Duffer brothers have really done it again” and he also said, “I think this year and I know I say this every single year but this is definitely going to be a lot scarier than prior years because last year was pretty dark.”

So, Stay tuned for the 4th Season of Stranger Things, which is expected to air in spring or summer 2022 on Netflix, and don’t forget to grasp Erica the Great!, this November. Till now if you have any query let us know in the comment section.


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