Fragment Of Energy Could Be New Fundamental Building Block Of Our Universe

Two theorists named Larry Silverberg and Jeffrey Eischen proposed a new theory suggesting fragment of energy can be the fundamental building blocks of our universe rather than waves or particles. This theory combines the ideas of particle theory and wave theory into the concentration of energy that flows through space-time. The foundational idea of their theory is that energy is always flowing through space and time.

They suggested that thinking of energy as lines that enter and exit a region of space, never crossing each other, and with no beginning or endpoint. They started working from the idea that the universe is made out of flowing energy lines so they looked for a single building block for the flowing energy. Silverberg also wrote that if we can define such a thing then we can use it to make predictions about the universe from the tiniest scale to the largest scale accurately.

Matter is made up of fragments of energy


We are discussing it since the 4th century B.C., but at last father of chemistry, Robert Boyle made it clear that everything is made out of very small particles.

This theory ruled the scientific universe for one and a half-century then Sir James Clerk Maxwell introduced electromagnetic wave theory. This led us to the physics we have today. In today’s physics particles and waves is the known fundamental building block of the matter present in the whole universe. We used to study both theories separately. But later double-slit experiment proved that a particle can act as a wave and light itself can act like particles.

Fragment Of Energy

Silverberg writes that there could be a building block for the universe which is more fundamental than the particles and waves. That’s why they came with the idea of the fragment of energy this exhibits the nature of the particles and waves it’s as concentrated as a particle and spread out like a wave.

It represents an energy that is concentrated and is flowing and dissipating outwards. With this new building block “Fragment of Energy”, they formed new equations to solve physics. They also tested their new theory on problems solved by Einstein and the results were convincing.

We believe that their theory can give us a new way of thinking about the universe and will also help to make the dual nature of matter more intuitive.


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