Is Roblox a Game or Not?

Hey readers, you must be confused reading the title above. Yes everyone else also got confused too. Is Roblox A Game Or Not? This is the question going on because Roblox has literally done something hilarious and surprising. But first, let’s talk about what it actually is.

Roblox is an online ‘gaming’ platform whose game creation system is developed by Roblox Corporation. Its basic motive is to allow the users to program games and play games created by other users. It jas two modes in it – Multiplayer Video Game and Single Player Video Game.

What’s the hilarious thing that Roblox has done?

So readers, in the above introduction about Roblox we come to know that it is all about games. But, what it now has done is pretending that ‘It Is Not A Game At All’. Yes, this sounds really funny but it is true. Roblox has literally removed the word ‘game ‘ from all over.

According to The Verge, Roblox has removed all the mentions of the word ‘game’ from its descriptors, internal tabs, and even the summaries on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Is Roblox a Game or Not?

More about removing the word “Game”

But wait, this didn’t stop here. They have removed the word game and replaced it with the word ‘experience’. According to one of the spokesperson:

“The term experience is consistent with how we have evolved our terminology to reflect our realization of the metaverse. Roblox is an online community where people do things together in a virtual world and over the years we began referring to these worlds as experience, as they better represent a wide range of 3D immersive places- from obbys to virtual concerts that people can enjoy together with their friends”.

But why did they remove the word “Game”?

We know that Roblox is allowed to operate in the app store due to being categorized as an app and not a game despite the Apple reservation. But they quietly removed the word game from all over to avoid any type of fuss as recently it’s coming in the middle of Apple v Epic Court Battle, where a big part of the Apple Epic case is an attempt to prove that Fortnite is more than a game.

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