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Later this year, Apple is likely to release the iPhone 13 series, which will include a reduced notch and a 120Hz display and will have four variants – the iPhone 13 mini, a standard model, iPhone 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. However, around 18% of iPhone and iPad owners are put off by the name iPhone 13. These users are triskaidekaphobic, which indicates they are afraid of the number 13. Users, on the other hand, want the future iPhone to be called iPhone (2021).

More Than 18 Percent of Survey Participants Want Apple to Rename the Upcoming iPhone 13 as iPhone (2021)

SellCell has released a new survey that asks, “Could be naming the next Apple smartphone “iPhone 13″ put you off because the number 13 is considered unlucky?” According to the results of the poll, 18.3% of respondents said the iPhone’s name with the number 13 would turn them off. However, 81.7% of users said the “iPhone 13” moniker had no bearing on their purchase choice.

As previously stated, the alternate name for the next iPhone would simply include the product’s name and the year of its release. The respondents were also enthusiastic about iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

Only a mere 19.3% were “extremely” or “very” excited about the software update. 28.1% rated it “somewhat” exciting, while a majority (52.6%) of Apple users think the new software releases are only “slightly” or “not at all” exciting.

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The ability to store ID cards in the Wallet app, which Apple has been testing in iOS 15, was also mentioned by poll participants as their favourite feature in iOS 15. Despite the fact that only 1.4% of participants liked the Digital Legacy option, the majority will use it.

Digital Legacy is a new feature in iOS/iPadOS 15 that, as the name suggests, lets you designate an heir to access your iCloud data in the event of your demise.

A person will need a “trusted” Apple ID, an access key (generated as you add a legacy contact), and a copy of the death certificate to gain access to your data, which will not include credit card information and passwords stored in Keychain.

We asked the Apple users whether they would be comfortable having a friend or family as a legacy contact, and we found out that a majority of users (53.1%) approved of the idea of having a legacy contact for their iCloud data. Women were found to be slightly more comfortable with the idea of leaving their data with loved ones than men (51% vs 55%). However, 46.9% responded negatively to the question.

Do you believe the iPhone 13 should be renamed iPhone (2021)? Furthermore, do you believe Apple will skip the number 13 like it did the number 9? How do you feel about the situation? Please let us know in the comments section.



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