Is Geopolitics going to be the reason for this world’s end? Is it going to be the reason for World War III? Geopolitics is a sport, where the stadium is the entire world. In this sport, if you are powerful you make the rules and if you are weaker then you follow the rules. The quantification of power in geopolitics is how much money or military or navy or resources you have. Geopolitics focuses on political power in geographic space. At the international level, Geopolitics helps us to understand the international relations between the countries and study the foreign policies of different countries to understand and predict the political behavior of those countries through their geographical variables.

Countries struggle to control the geographical entities with an international dimension and use those geographical entities for their own benefit.

China, the USA, Russia, and many European countries, every country are trying to claim as many entities as they can which will lead to a big struggle in the future. The result of this struggle can be the reason for World War III.

Geopolitics by China and the USA

Today China and the USA are the biggest threats to the world as their aim is to claim control all over the world. China and the USA are the ones who are seeking an opportunity that can benefit them to claim their control in any geographic area.

China has been planning for it for a very long time and they have invested in many countries all over the world so that it becomes easy for them in the future to claim their control on those countries by using different methods. They have developed different means in different developing countries all over the world that can benefit them.

China’s claim over Tibet is a great example that shows that powerful countries are willing to get their control on small developing countries as China got over Tibet.

The USA is using other countries as opportunities for themselves. They are sending their armies to the countries where tension has been created or the situation of civil war has been created. In fact, they enter those countries and explore the resources that those countries have.

Geopolitics has created tension between developed countries like China and the USA which may increase in the future. This tension is because of China’s more aggressive approach and USA’s decreased aggression in past years. USA’s less aggressive approach can be seen by their retrieve thinking by calling their armies back from different countries like Afghanistan and some of the African countries where situations of civil war have been created. But it does not say that the USA in any way has changed their mind but they might be planning for something big in the future.

But it is certain that if World War III happens, China and the USA are going to play an important role in it.

geopolitics world war 3

India’s role in international Geopolitics

India is a country that is still developing but India has the potential to be the superpower in the future.

The role of India in international Geopolitics is because of India’s large geographical area and a large human resource which many countries lack. India also has control of the entire Indian Ocean. This concerns China the most because if in future any tension gets created between China and India, India can block China’s main trading route from Africa and China can lack resources that it imports.

The unorganized system, corruption, unemployment and chronic capitalism are the biggest challenges that India is facing right now. India does not have much of its own resources and has to import most of the things from other countries. India has some of its powers like its geographical area and a large human resource. But the biggest problems that India faces are the shortage of its own resources and the less skilled human resource.

India is just like a learning player in the sport of international Geopolitics and it can strongly oppose any country who will try to claim their control on India. India wants peace and does not want war, but if any war happens in future India is ready to defend itself from anyone.

If India in the next half  century can create its own resources it can become independent and can regain its title of ‘VishwaGuru’ and can become the superpower that every developed country wishes to become.


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