Just like every brand grabbing their place in the gaming genre, The renowned Brand Jbl has launched the Quantum Gaming Headphones and the price is ranging from the basic Rs. 2,499 to the high end Rs. 22,999. The audio equipment based company has made some basic entry level gamer-esque aesthetic headphones to the pro headsets tuned for the gamer community. The Rs. 22,999 priced Quantum one is the top end one featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with an option of 3.5 mm wired connectivity for minimum latency


There are a total of 7 headphones which have been launched in India tagged as the JBL Quantum range. Following is the list of the headsets with the price that they’ll sell for.

Quantum 100 – Rs. 2,499

Quantum 200 – Rs. 3,999

Quantum 300 – Rs. 4,999

Quantum 400 – Rs. 7,999

Quantum 600 – Rs. 12,999

Quantum 800 – Rs. 17,999

Quantum One – Rs. 22,999


The microphones are detachable or they can be turned off just by flipping them upwards, the gamer-esque aesthetic can be seen in each of these gamers oriented headsets, the Cyberpunk game inspired design can please a solid quantity of gamers. The 2.4ghz connectivity is available in the Quantum 600, and 800 versions. But WAIT! Their is a cherry on top of the features of this lineup and that is RGB! Yes the Psychedelic lighting lovers can cherish their moment now, JBL has indeed added RGB lighting that can be customized through the their JBL Quantum engine software which is available to download from the official website of the brand. You can play with the type of light or customize the sound quality from the various tweaks and presets available on the software. The software is currently available for Windows and can possibly make it’s way to the Mac.


The noise cancellation is available in the top 3 variants but it is underwhelming. When compared to the Razer Kraken series, JBL has a long way to go when it comes to the microphone’s crispiness and quality. The bass seems to be the typical JBL styled. They usually compliment the bass and the lows by lifting them as they do in every of their product.

The highs are a bit shadowed by the bassier nature of the headphones. But it is optimized in the top two variants.

The highest priced Quantum one has tried alot of new features to cover the irrelevant charges but it failed to excel in any of those. The bassy nature has made JBL lose the race from the better but “WHY THE PRICE CAN’T BE REASONABLE FFS!” RAZER’s Kraken series. The highs are complimented enough on those headphones than it is on the JBL. But the 7.1 surround of the JBL is decently pleasing and gains a solid point from that feature.

Well, not bad JBL!

The JBL QUANTUM series may not be making a long term statement in the gaming headset market because of the other tech giants who are continuously adding more and more products to the lineup but they can easily survive the competition because they’re too part of the giants who’ve already cemented their place in the audio market. The design aesthetics and the LEGENDARY RGB! Will probably attract a huge quantity from the gaming community. The main reason why no one has ever succeeded to stay at the top of this market because of the unreasonable price they ask for their visually pleasing but performance-wise under-appealing nature. They can add as many lighting effects or cyborg like design but as long as their quality remains as mediocre as the normal product they launch no one can excel in this genre.


JBL Quantum Gaming series Headset lineup gets a solid 6 out of 10.


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