This took more than 10 years, FROMSOFTWARES skipped a generation of console to bring back the most anticipated RPG back in 2009, Demon’s soul. Making it’s revamped comeback as one of the Sony Playstation 5’s Front-liners. The game is now being revamped by Bluepoint Games studio, the project was kept secret for years. This whole project is a big deal as being stated by the developers. Fromsoftware’s Demon’s soul laid an important foundation for the Soulborne games like Bloodborne, Dark souls, Sekiro and more.

So what Bluepoint games are offering us in the revamped version? Well it was pretty good teaser trailer with a minimal overview of the in game terrains, we can say it satisfied the community. But we can tell by watching the trailer that it will surely amaze the fans. The environment is refreshed the characters are given a visual upgrades with a subtle change in the cinematics. The lighting, model quality, the volumetric effects, everything is revamped. Plus the Playstation 5’s capabilities of delivering the gameplay in the pristine, native 3840×2160 resolution. The Playstation blog has confirmed some important tech details stating- “in addition to beautiful shadow effects and ray-tracing, players can choose between two graphics modes while playing: one focused on fidelity and one focused on frame-rate”.

The reveal teaser opens with a sequence of landscapes, and they matched the previous CG sequence with the recreated version shot to shot. The not-so-pleasing sepia tone of the PS3 is no match for the more natural and more pleasing natural tone color palette which brings more vibrance and richness to the game. The dragon god boss, the Flame lurker, the storm king and the solid Tower knight to the typical enemies like reapers and gargoyles are teased by Bluepoint games and they’re looking pretty realistic with the new engine.

The resolution is one of the major upgrades. Everything runs at 3840×2160 and as the teaser is encoded in 30fps we can predict the 4k UHD version is locked to 30fps, but there must be a 60fps gameplay in 2k resolution. Well, it’s a pretty humongous upgrade from the previous 720p with hard to reach 30fps gameplay in Playstation 3. The servers for the previous versions closed back in 2018 but the offline mode still gives a hard time to players for it’s hard as hell gameplay. The famous Tower Knight of the Boletaria Palace shows the clear difference between the performance of PS3 and PS5.

The extensive complex geometry and more detailed terrains will surely make a satisfying experience for the players. The remake of this game must be the most technically pioneering game in the souls lineup. The PS5’s capabilities of ray tracing, faster SSD, Bluepoint must use it’s capabilities to the whole potential. Every detail shows the artistic push given to this hard but aesthetically pleasing RPG. The lighting effects that are now buffed up by ray tracing, the shadows, the fog spread design and more are making their way to buff up the game. Although there is more to be revealed yet it already has made it clear that it will be giving a pretty tough competition to the console’s arch rival XBOX X series. Are the remakes and sequels enough to give a tough time for Microsoft. The whole Soulborne fan base has their bets locked in on the official trailer which will give more information about this whole scenario.



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