LG might shut down its smartphone business by end of this year - Craffic

The historical backdrop of LG’s cell phone division has been one of consistent disappointment and misfortune over the most recent couple of years. Despite their steady endeavors to advance and shake things up, they have neglected to truly make a benefit off their cell phone business. While they frequently stand out as truly newsworthy and put forth a valiant effort at keeping things new with bizarre ideas like the LG Wing, actually their cell phone division is still continually losing cash, and their endeavors to change that tide around are not working that well.

LG was recently answered to be in talks for auctioning off their cell phone division, however, their quest for a purchaser is supposedly not going quite well, and they may be compelled to throw the towel and shut down their cell phone business.

This report comes from the Dong-An Ilbo South Korean paper (through Bloomberg). LG even had genuine aspirations for 2021, incorporating a cell phone with a rollable display, which even got Bluetooth SIG accreditation. This cell phone has supposedly been rejected, and this new report likewise says that the organization is shelving the entirety of its new cell phone releases for the primary portion of 2021.

LG rollable display

LG has been in converses with organizations from any semblance of Volkswagen and Vietnam’s Vingroup JSC for conceivably auctioning off their money-losing cell phone division, yet these discussions have, up until this point, appears to have failed. On the off chance that they don’t figure out how to discover a purchaser, LG should execute off their cell phone division.

This would be an immense loss for the Android environment. While LG hasn’t been doing admirably somewhat recently in terms of sales, they’ve been a truly significant part of the Android environment, putting out amazing cell phones, for example, the LG G2. They were likewise the producers behind other famous phones, for example, the Nexus 5, the Nexus 5X, and the Google Pixel 2 XL.



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