LG selling its Unreleased LG Velvet 2 Pro and LG Rollable to its employees only

As we know LG is taking retirement from the mobile space, but LG is reportedly still working on its few devices. One of which is the LG Rainbow (LG Velvet 2 Pro). Now, it seems that LG is selling this device in Korea, but it is available for its employees only.

This information is leaked by FrontTorn on Twitter (spotted by Android Authority) and suggests that only around 3,000 units are there and can only be grabbed by LG Korea staffers. LG Velvet 2 Pro 5G is visually similar to the original Velvet but includes a “pressure-sensitive touch sensor button” to control volume and power. There are three colorways, namely glossy black, a glossy beige, and a bimetallic bronze completes the look.

There are no particulars about specification but LG Velvet 2 Pro has a triple rear camera array with larger lenses than its predecessor, a waterdrop notch selfie shooter upfront along with a Snapdragon 888 SoC, a 6.8-inch FHD+ 120HZ OLED display, and a 4,500mAh battery on board. As for the price, LG is offering the LG Rainbow/LG Velvet 2 Pro to workers for around $170, a fraction of the price put on the original LG Velvet. The phone will only have six months of after-sales service support and no software updates after that. Interestingly, the leaker suggests the rollout is proving so popular that LG may stop the sale of the devices.

The company is also reportedly selling the LG Rollable to employees in Korea too. As rumors indicate, the Rollable packed an extendable display and flagship silicon beneath it. LG never released its latest Explorer Project device out the door despite several teasers.

LG is likely to release the mobile in April, so we don’t expect the company to kick out more of these devices suddenly. Also, there’s slim chances to find one of these phones on the wild web (eBay), as LG has prohibited their resale.


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