Netflix is bringing Keanu Reeves' comic

The Matrix star and Netflix is going BRZRKR. On Monday Netflix has announced that the Keanu Reeves comic “BRZRKR” is set to become both a live-action film and an animated series, with the actor starring in both projects.

Reeves created the concept and story of the comic whose first issue hit shelves only 2 weeks ago. Keanu has just signed a deal with Netflix to bring his comic book to the streaming service with him producing and staring in both the projects.
Reeves stated, “BRZRKR’s got everything that you want from a comic book. It’s got great drawing, color, great story. It’s got action, has a little romance, and it’s about something.” For the John Wick star, it is a continuation of his action-man persona.

The feature starring Reeves will adapt the comic which is intended to run for 12 issues, while the anime spin-off will explore different elements of the BRZRKR universe. Netflix has a first-look deal with publisher BOOM! Studios which was signed in April 2020. BRZRKR is a part of the same deal.

BRZRKR is a highly-anticipated comic coming from BOOM! Studios (graphic novel publisher) was written and created by Keanu Reeves along with New York Times bestselling writer Matt Kindt. It was illustrated by Marvel artist Ron Garney (Captain America and The Incredible Hulk).

Netflix is bringing Keanu Reeves' comic "BRZRKR" on screen as a live-action movie and anime

BRZRKR is a story of a half-man and half God with a mysterious past who is up for killing pretty much anybody. This demigod is wandering the earth to find answers to the questions about his existence. The comic reads, “In exchange, B will be granted the one thing he desires- the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence…..”

Reeves’ upcoming film The Matrix 4 is set to hit the theatres in December. He was last seen in the controversial video game Cyberpunk 2077. He will next start production on John Wick 4.


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