John Wick is the most admired action franchise. Name John Wick is itself is very familiar to a lot of people even if they hadn’t watched any movie from this franchise. John Wick is the main protagonist of the franchise and is portrayed by Keanu Reeves.

This franchise is tailored beautifully and currently, it’s a three-part movie, and the 4th and 5th parts already have been announced. John Wick is a class A legendary hitman in the virtual world of the franchise. He originally was born in Belarus and then he moved to America.

The early life of John Wick

Before he was brought to North America he was a part of the Ruska Roma orphan. After coming to North America he spent most of the time with Mexicans and Learned Martial Arts. He also had this tattoo on his back that says “fortune favors the bold” this suggests that he was also a part of the U.S Military but this is not confirmed yet.

The Boogeyman

Later when John Wick became a professional hitman hire there was no match for his lethality people started fearing him and this was the time when he got his nickname “The Boogeyman”. He also joined the continental. Continental was an exclusive hotel for criminals and had its own set of rules.

John Wick Boogeyman

After earning all this status he joined a Russian Criminal Organization “Tarasov Mob”. He became the main executor for Viggo Tarasov who was the leader of the Tarasov Mob.

During this time he also got in touch with various other criminal groups who were working for the “High Table”. It’s the highest known organization in this virtual criminal underworld. He made some enemies too like Ms. Perkins, Cassian, or Sofia Al-Azwar but he was able to get a blood oath marker from Sofia because he helped her to save her daughter from Mob, marker was a symbol of her debt to Wick.

Helen love of John Wick’s life

Helen was the love of Wick’s life they also got married. Now he wanted to retire from this hitman profession and live with Helen as a law-abiding citizen. Wick asked Tarasov for retirement but in exchange Tarasov wanted him to kill his all rivals within a single night. It was an impossible task so he decided to take help from an Italian Syndicate leader named Santino D’Antonio.

john wick and helen

Santino helped him and provided everything Wick needed and in return, Wick gave him a maker representing his debt to Santino. After killing all of Tarasov’s rivals in a single night Tarasov freed him. Then he continued to live with Helen for almost five peaceful years but then Helen died because of cancer.

John Wick

John Wick after his wife died he remained away from his past life and decided to spend his life with his prized vintage car, and with his dog Daisy which was a gift from Helen to him so he can have someone to live with after she dies. But one-day Losef (son of Tarasov) saw him with his car and wanted to buy it but Wick denied it.

So he decided to go after Wick and He went to his home and knocked Wick Unconscious stole his prized car and killed his Dog which was a gift from his wife. When Tarasov found out about this whole incident he tried to ask peace for his son but wick refused. Tarasov hires two hitmen to kill Wick but it didn’t work out and Wick succeeds to kill Losef. Later Wick also kills Tarasov.

John Wick: 2nd Chapter

After killing Losef and Viggo Tarasov and recovering his car he returns to his normal retirement life with his new adopted dog. But it all changed when Santino asked him to help he simply refused and Santino didn’t take it well so he destroyed Wick’s house. After being confronted by Winston he decided to meet Santino. Santino told him to kill his sister so he can claim her place in High Table.

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 John Wick

Wick agreed and when he met his sister she slit her wrists and dies later, Wick shot her after she was already dead. Wick now knew that he would be now Santino’s next target. He placed a $7.000.000 bounty on Wick’s head a lot of people attempted to kill him but no one was able to kill him. Later he kills Santino inside Continental. The next day he finds that now High Table is coming for him and also the previous bounty on his head is also double now. So decided to run away.

John Wick: 3rd Chapter-Parabellum

John Wick now only had one hour before they label him as excommunicated for killing Santino. Wick retrieves his pass back Ruska Roma Orphan from the library. He reached out to the director of Ruska and asked for a safe passage to Casablanca. He wanted to go to Casablanca because Sofia was there and she was in debt to him. So he wanted her to help him to reach The Elder. The Elder is the only one who is above High Table.

Sofia led him to Berrada he told him that he can find The Elder by wandering in the desert until he can walk no longer. After collapsing in the desert John Wick found himself in The Elder’s place. He said to The Elder he doesn’t want anything he just wants to live happily with the memories of his beloved wife. The Elder agreed to forgive him but with one term that he has to kill Winston. After this Wick came back to New York and later an Adjudicator from High Table also came to New York City and asked Winston to give up on Continental but he denied and Wick denied to kill Winston.

John Wick and his Dog

All these incidents led to Adjudicator revoking the neutral status of Continental and the result of this was that now High Tabel’s militia can attack and they did the same. Later Adjudicator shot Wick several times and because of the push from ballistics, he falls on the road down below. He and his Dogs both injured were now at Bowery King’s place who was also scarred. He asked Wick that he is mad at the High Table is he too and the movie ends with Wick saying “yeah”.



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