Upcoming Macbook Air's exclusive first look shown off in new renders
Credit: Front Page Tech

Hey readers, in one of the previous posts we told you that Apple’s new and redesigned MacBook Air will be available in various colors. The news of MacBook Air being available in various colors was a leak provided by Jon Prosser and now he has showcased those leaked product photos in a video after 1 week of research through various sources.

Prosser recently shared the photos of the redesigned model and the details of it on the Front Page Tech that is his YouTube channel. In his recent video, he talked about the exclusive first look of the MacBook Air. But the thing to note down is that Prosser has been telling us that he gets the images of unreleased products and generally in order to keep the original source safe he gets the images to the rendered artist to produce images based on the leaks.

What are the changes in the new Macbook Air?

Although MacBook Air is redesigned but is almost similar to the present model with a few modifications. According to Prosser, the redesigned model will have the following modifications:

  • The MacBook Air is gonna be ultra-thin without a wedge shape that the USB-C port may also not fit.
  • The black bezel on the MacBook models at present may get replaced by the slim-off white bezel. Although we are not sure about the bezel thickness.
  • Prosser even claimed that the bezel will be off-white and this MacBook Air will be available in various colors.
  • New Macbook Air
  • New Macbook Air

When will the new MacBook Air enter the market?

For now, Apple is working on the transition to Apple Silicon which will take almost 2 years. So, the company will only release redesigned Macbook Air after the completion of Apple Silicon Transition and so you have to wait till 2022. But readers, the news is just a leak for now. Although we know that Prosser’s leaks have been mostly 100% in case of the product leaks.

As he mostly uses the disassembled parts images to construct the design representation by render artist but it is seen that it has been very less times that he has missed the shot.

So readers this is all for the post. Stay tuned for more!!



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