Apple's Next Macbook Air to be Available in Various Colors like the latest iMac

Hey readers, here’s some colorful news about the Apple’s MacBook Air. You would be thinking how the news can be “colorful”.

So let us tell you that Jon Prosser, the one who leaked the news of iMac coming up in various colors as recently said that Macbook Air would also be available in various colors.

Although, for now, MacBook Air is available in three colors: Space grey, silver, and gold. But now Prosser’s Front Page Tech show has said that this news is provided to them by trusted sources.

What it can Look Like?

For now, we can not tell anything specific. But we can just put forth an idea that it may be redesigned and then available in various colors with redesigning the chassis also to take advantage of the benefits of the new ARM chipset M2 (M1X). Whereas, keeping Prosser’s past news in mind about the iMac being available in different ‘subtle’ colors was also not 100% right. The presented colors were not subtle but were quite tacky and bold.

So let’s just see what really comes into play, but for now, it is just rumored of Apple MacBook Air is available in various colors. Stay tuned for more and we will surely tell you the latest updates about it. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section below and do let us know what you think about it.



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