Many Apple services hit by glitches and outages

Many Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Arcade were hit by outages and glitches on Tuesday evening, according to Apple’s system status page. Many Users reported a range of issues with a host of Apple services.

Apple said some users were affected for a majority of the services, though for AppleCare in iOS and Apple School Manager, all users were affected.

Apple services

In the latest update on this situation, Apple provided the list of services that have now restored after the outage.
The list is given below:

  • Find My
  • Game Center
  • iCloud Account & Sign In
  • iCloud Backup
  • iCloud Calendar
  • iCloud Contacts
  • iCloud Mail
  • iCloud Web Apps (
  • iWork for iCloud
  • Photos
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Music radio
  • Apple TV Plus
  • Radio
  • App Store
  • Apple Books

Apple isn’t the only company to experience services outages, many of Microsoft services were also affected by a multi-hour outage on Monday.


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