Microsoft Might be launching Windows 11 SE with some restrictions

Update: Microsoft is working on another Windows 11 SE variant named CloudEditionL, reports XDA-Developers. This “L” variant of the Windows 11 SE should be sold only through the retail channel, where the regular Windows 11 SE should be available via OEM and volume licensing channels as well.

Original Article: Microsoft always tries to come with a new OS and on it, June 24 special event (for its already leaked Window 11) they might be forthcoming with a new SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) called Windows 11 SE. This new version of OS might be the successor of Windows 10 in S Mode so Windows 11 SE would have more restrictions on users what they can do.

Windows 11 SE – Successor for “Windows 10 Cloud Edition”

As XDA-Developers report, Being the successor of Windows 10 “Cloud Edition” eventually changed to Windows 10 S and then to “Windows 10 in S mode” will also do not support app from outside Microsoft App Store. Users don’t like this idea but Microsoft does these for security and performance purposes. Then the questions arise about how Windows 11 SE is different from the previous restricted Windows platform? Windows 11 SE is an SKU for enterprises so there is a possibility that users can switch to other enterprises that are SKU-based. The enterprises they would be including are education, education pro for workstations, and more.

  • Microsoft Forthcoming With Windows 11 SE A New OS
  • Microsoft Forthcoming With Windows 11 SE A New OS
  • Microsoft Forthcoming With Windows 11 SE A New OS

Windows 11 SE would be a more restrictive SKU as there are some options like phone and search in the settings app that is missing. Even the Microsoft app store is not accessible as it showing the message ‘Microsoft Store is blocked Check with your IT or system Administrator’. There is a possibility that Windows 11 SE will support installing and running Win32 apps from outside the Microsoft app store. And this support was not available in all previous locked-down Windows versions.

There might be another restriction in Microsoft ID is used to access the PC. In previous versions, this restriction is also enabled but you can work offline without it. This time they would not allow any kind of leniency (according to Twitter user Sigma).

Until Microsoft does not disclose about its forthcoming Windows 11 SE in their event which is holding on June 24 there would be no clarity about it. This OS was shown running a game that is only available on Steam. Through this, we can say that enterprises can control what users can do by using this platform.

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