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The upcoming Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft has been leaked online today. After screenshots were first shared on the Chinese portal Baidu, the whole Windows 11 OS has appeared online, complete with a new user interface, Start menu, and much more.

As reported by The Verge and XDA-Developers, the new Windows 11 Start menu and user interface are remarkably similar to those present in Windows 10X. Microsoft was working on making Windows more user-friendly for dual-screen computers before abandoning the project in favour of Windows 11. The most noticeable visual modifications can be noticed along the taskbar. The app icons have been centered here, the tray area has been tidied up, and a new Start button and menu have been added.

Microsoft has used rounded corners in Windows 11 as well. These can be found in context menus, programs, and the File Explorer. Rounded edges can also be found on the Start menu. Because this is a leaked early version of Windows 11, not everything is included yet.

Even though Microsoft’s Windows 10X operating system was cancelled, the company is definitely reusing a lot of its work in Windows 11. Originally intended for dual-screen devices, Windows 10X was converted for regular laptops before being discontinued. Windows 10X contained several improvements and simplifications, and the majority of that work is still visible in this leaked version of Windows 11.

IMG 20210616 100538 056
Early version of Windows Widgets in Windows 11

New snap controls are also accessible from the maximize button on all apps in Windows 11. They’re the latest analogues of the operating system’s long-standing cascade windows feature. You can rapidly snap windows together or arrange them on your desktop in portions.

windows 11
Windows snap feature

The Windows Store interface is largely the same as what exists in Windows 10 right now, with access to all the same apps that are available today.

Microsoft has been said to be working on a new app store for Windows in recent months, and indications suggest it will be a significant change from what is now available. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, has stated that Windows will “unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators,” which would most likely be in the shape of a new store.

According to reports, Microsoft is revamping its Windows app store to allow developers to submit any Windows application, including browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft may also consider permitting third-party commerce platforms in apps, allowing developers to avoid taking a share from in-app purchase systems.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has also introduced a new setup experience. It’s similar to Windows 10X in that it guides new hardware users or those upgrading to Windows 11 through a set of configuration processes. A new Windows 11 startup sound is included in the out-of-the-box experience, and it plays at every boot.

In Windows 11, Microsoft is also upgrading the Xbox experience. The new Xbox app has been integrated into Windows 11, providing instant access to Xbox Game Pass games, Xbox Network social features, and the Xbox Store. In this early leaked build, the Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode are identical to those in Windows 10.

windows 11 xbox app
Windows Xbox Application

Microsoft has been dropping signals that Windows 11 would be released soon. On June 24th, the software giant will host a special Windows event to unveil its next operating system.

The event begins at 11 a.m. ET and the event invite includes a window that casts a shadow with a number 11 shape. For months, Microsoft executives have teased an announcement about the “next generation of Windows,” and this leak now confirms that Windows 11 will be unveiled later this month.

ADeltaX has been posting pictures of the upcoming operating system, confirming that it will be known as Windows 11. The first Windows 11 wallpapers are now available, thanks to ADeltaX (via @ALumia Italia).

Download Windows 11 wallpaper:

download Windows 11 wallpaper 740x463 1
windows 11 wallpaper 740x463 1
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w11 wallpaper 740x463 1
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windows 11 wallpaper 10 740x463 1
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windows 11 wallpaper 7 740x463 1
windows 11 wallpaper 8 740x463 1
windows 11 wallpaper 6
windows 11 wallpaper 5 740x463 1
windows 11 wallpaper 4 740x463 1
windows 11 wallpaper 3 740x463 1
wallpaper 2 740x463 1
wallpaper 1 740x416 1

We can’t wait for when Windows 11 is official; but, these Windows 11 wallpapers will hopefully help during this nail-biting waiting process.



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