Leaked 'Windows 11 ISO files' are legit confirms Microsoft in a DMCA complaint

The leaked Windows 11 ISO for build 21996.1 has taken the internet on fire by letting users try out some features (like UI changes and updates) of yet-to-be-announced Windows 11. The leaked Windows 11 ISO files were available on different platforms like Reddit, Mega, and Telegram. Though there are many people who think that this leak was fake. But here comes the twist as Microsoft has filed a DMCA complaint against this leak ultimately confirming that Windows 11 is real and its leaks are also legit.

As first spotted by Fossbytes, Microsoft Japan has registered a DMCA complaint against Beebom – a technology news publication – for linking unreleased Windows 11 ISO files in their articles. The tech giant has also asked Google to remove Beebom’s article from the search as “it has leaked a copy of the unreleased Windows 11.”

Leaked 'Windows 11 ISO files' are legit confirms Microsoft in a DMCA complaint
Beebom has taken down the link after this.

Previously there was no surety about the leak and whether it was actually from Microsoft, but this DMCA report confirms the existence of Windows 11. The reason behind this DMCA complaint could the special reveal event“What’s next for Windows” – slated for June 24th, as Microsoft probably be hoping from users and enthusiasts to reserve their judgment about the upcoming update till it is officially unveiled.

However, saying and predicting anything won’t be a great idea as there’s still time for the official release. It would be interesting to see whether Microsoft might surprise us.


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