Image of Mindshunter Zephyrus mouse

There are a lot of companies who rolled out a mouse with a built-in fan. But the Mindshunter Zephyr mouse is gaining the centre stage as this mouse is just like its name that is soft and gentle. The mouse is not that unique and is somewhat similar to the usual gaming mouse. But the lightweight nature and the palm cooling feature makes it unique.

Image of  the Mindshunter Zephyr mouse.

Mindshunter launched this Zephyr gaming mouse on Kickstarter priced at $79. They are hoping to reach up to $500,000 according to reports from Tom’s Hardware.  


The Zephyr gaming mouse has a Pixart 3389 optical sensor and up to 16,000 CPI sensitivity. The polling rate of the mouse is 1000hz. Measurements of Zephyr gaming mouse are 4.79 x 2.60 x 1.60 inches (121.60 x 66.15 x 40.70mm). It weighs 68g as the mouse is for long and comfortable gaming sessions.

Adding to the aesthetics, the mouse contains RGB lightings for that typical gamer look. And the unique feature of the built-in fans with three fan speed settings is available. 


The main feature of the Mindshunter Zephyr is its built-in fan. It is still a technology that needs a bit more development. But it does the job efficiently. It will keep your hand from getting sweaty and a bit cool but not more than that. However, it is still far from providing a fresh burst of air.

Image of the Zephyr mouse showing the Fan technology.

The fan’s position is at the palm rest. And it is placed at 45 degrees, that means straight in front of your hand. You can change the fan speed too. There are three options for the speed of the fan that you can customize in the settings. The RPM speed can be set to 4000, 7000 and 10000 RPM respectively. And of course, you can turn it off if you want. 

Mindshunter claims that the maximum noise level peaks at 25dB and it will get much quieter in the final product. 


As you already know that there is a fan placed inside the mouse for cooling purpose. And to sum up, all those information provided will lead you to ventilation. Instead of a single vent, they’ve added a lot. The design is just as bold as the technology they’ve implemented. 

Image of the Zephyr mouse from the side.

The honeycomb shell design that might be hazardous to trypophbic people is the first design of choice of most FPS gamers. This design helps in keeping the weight low that increases mobility. The holes are inconsistent and not uniformly placed. 

  Unlike the materials used in the LiveTech Vulcan, Mindshunter has used high-grade plastic. It is also sweat and fingerprint-proof plastic

The mouse comes with seven presets of RGB lighting effects. These rainbow-like effects are pleasing to see. There is no software, for now, to change or turn the settings off.

The size of the mouse can be a real challenge to some big hands gamers as they can surely struggle to hold the mouse. But the ergonomic design covers both lefties and righties.

Image of the Zephyr mouse from the top.

The mouse delivers the perks of being lightweight. But the fan has still a long way to cover. The quality of the optical sensor is good and it long lasts in terms of gaming.

Mindshunter will start the shipment of Zephyr from October 2020.


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