Romania Monolith

Monolith: 2020’s New Tale

In the final episodes of 2020’s final act of drama we are seeing weird things happening and one of them is the tale of the disappearing and re-appearing monoliths, it can be considered as a conspiracy theory from a parallel universe. 

As the mysterious metal monolith made headlines found in the desert in Utah, public attention was drawn which resulted in the local landscape getting dumped with human waste by some foolish tourists. This is a danger to the ecosystem of the area. But somehow monolith disappeared as curiosity over its origins reached a feverish pitch with the government completely denying its involvement in its disappearance.

Utah monolith 1
Utah Monolith

Tourist: Destroying Ecosystem

ABC4 reported Monticello Field Manager Amber Denton Johnson as he said that it is understandable that people are gaining interest in the monolith that was discovered as it drew away attention from the 2020’s drama for over 11 months. But the region it was found was not private property and it was installed without authorization on public lands. It is not so well connected to public services as being a remote area but now many people want to see it. But it was requested in the report that we should follow a principle of Leave No Trace.

Romania: Monolith Spotted

But its disappearance brought a new monolith into consideration which appeared in Romania but it seems that this monolith was hastily constructed.  

This new monolith is somehow different as it has a mirrored surface and it is already covered with graffiti, so it may have existed for a long time. It seems that it can be a copycat of the first monolith discovered in Utah which mysteriously disappeared to get viral-worthy attention.

Many people have observed the monolith and there are two ideologies, one saying that it resembles the monoliths seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey and the other saying that it resembles the work of the artist, John McCracken.



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