The monolith made of Gingerbread Mysteriously popped up in San Francisco

Monolith Made by Santa

So for this year surprises were not enough, Santa decided to give one more. Speculations of another monolith appearance are raised in social media but this time it’s not a metal monolith rather it is a gingerbread monolith that mysteriously appeared in a San Francisco park.

How does it look?

It is still unclear whether the structure is edible or not but the spotters said that the texture and smell of the monolith structure seem to be a real thing that was decorated with frostings. This gingerbread monolith appeared at the Corona height park with a height of seven-foot on early Christmas Day. The structure was spotted while a rainbow could be seen in the sky.

Will authorities remove the Monolith?

The authorities of the park were questioned by the local media about what will be doing to the gingerbread monolith to which they answered that this looks a great spot for getting baked and will leave the structure until cookies crumble.

Gingerbread Monolith

Fourth Monolith this Year

So it all started with the Utah monolith spotted by the helicopter crew and then its disappearance still being a mystery and following furthermore appearance of the monolith in Romania and United Kingdom led to many conspiracy theories. But now this fourth mysterious monolith that too made of gingerbread is proving to be a fun element in holidays.


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