Study win award to show that nasal congestion can be cured by orgasm

Nasal congestion is very much irritating, occurring when fluid and mucus gets in nasal passage excessively. And scientists found that its cure not required even drugs if you can have a satisfactory sex.

First study to observe these kind of effects

As per the study in the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal, an orgasm during sex is able to clear the blocked or stuffy nose up to an hour atleast.

The research team this September was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize, which is generally awarded for unconventional scientific research.

Olcay Cem Bulut, professor and doctor for ear, nose, and throat in Germany told insider that he developed a hunch based on “self-observation” and thus gathered some people to understand more about this cure of nasal congestion.

Bulut himself did not exactly know how this happens, but says,

“The combination of sexual arousal, excitement, physical activity, and the orgasm at the end seem to cure nasal congestion and improve nasal breathing.”

This study is the first one to observe the effect of sex on breathing and stuffy nose. In this study participants tested their breathing condition before and after sex.

Bulut with team appointed 18 heterosexual couples and none of them have any nasal problems in the past and for better observation participants specified to achieve orgasm.

Couples observed their nasal function before and after sex one day and next day assessed by using a nasal decongestion spray.

Observations made after 30 minutes, an hour and three hours later. Orgasmic sex found to cure stuffy nose for atleast an hour but nasal spray’s gave longer relief.

Nasal congestion observed to be cured immediately after orgasm. This research also consider the theory of “reflex nasal neurosis” presented by German otolaryngologist Wilhelm Fliess, in 1897.

It was affirmed in theory that sexual problems led to the problem of neurosis.

Fliess theorized there were specific “genital spots” in the nose that affect genital function but even then this theory failed in scientific probe and then resulted in darkness.


Bulut in his interview to The Guardian said some of the data under observation might compromise post-orgasm–“It seems that some people couldn’t focus on the device”.

More research is required to confirm whether sex and orgasm cure someone’s blocked and stuffy nose or not, this study even have limitations. As all participants are healthcare workers.

Bulut said that,

“More research is important and it has to study whether masturbation offers the same benefits, but no one for now agreed to give up self-love to be in the control group”.

If future studies support these initial findings then sex can be preferred to treat headaches related to sinus problems as well.


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