Toshiba first-ever FC-MAMR assisted 18 TB HDDs for desktop and NAS

SDDs could be the primary choice of users as OS drives but HDDs are practically great at data storage. Thereby, Toshiba has launched two 18 TB HDDs namely, N300 and X300 as first drives featuring flux-control microwave-assisted magnetic recording (FC-MAMR) technology.

Earlier, this week Toshiba had announced the first-ever HDDs using FC-MAMR technology, for laptops and NAS. This technology was launched earlier this year with the MG09 series for applications like nearing and enterprise. Now, this technology has moved down to consumers and micro-enterprise.

N300 HDDs specs

N300 is the HDD which is mostly for home users, wanting to upgrade the Desktop or NAS.This HDD has a capacity of 18 TB, 12.5 percent of increased drive density from the previous 16 TB model due to FC-MAMR technology.

It is a 7,200 RPM drive laced with 9 helium sealed trenches and a 512-megabyte buffer. The data transfer speed of the drive is 281MB/s with handling workload up to 180 TB/year. It features an MTTF of 1,200,000 hours.

X300 HDD specs

X300 is an HDD designed for high-end desktops, gaming, and consoles. X300 is an 18 TB 7,200 RPM 3.5 inch SATA high-performance drive. This features a 512-megabyte buffer with a data transfer speed of 281MB/s same as that of N300.

It has an MTTF of 600,0000 hours. Toshiba ensures that X300 features the upgrade in drive stabilization mechanism for advanced operational reliability. N300 features integrated rotational vibrations for consistent performance.

N300 drives offer a warranty of 3 years, X300 drives offer two years as a warranty. Both 18 TB N300, X300 drives are expected to be launched in the last quarter of the year.


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