Nerf Gun Becomes Call of Duty Controller With Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Powered Nerf Gun

If you don’t know what to do with your old Nerf guns or just want to update them, Alfredo Sequeida’s new Raspberry Pi project suggests turning them into working video game controllers.

Virtual Gaming with Nerf Gun

The best Raspberry Pi projects aren’t just proof-of-concept; they’re also useful in the real world. Sequeida not only converted his old Nerf gun into a controller, but he also played Call of Duty with it.

Adding Functionality

Installing a few new buttons as well as integrating existing hardware, such as the trigger, which was soldered to open GPIO pins, were all part of the project. The accelerometer data is retrieved from an old Android phone, and the Pi uses it to assess the controller’s target.

Raspberry Powered Nerf Gun Becomes Call of Duty Controller

Interface Between Gun and PC

The controller input is interpreted by a custom Python script, which is then converted into output for the PC. On the official GitHub page, you can learn more about the code. If you want to see how well it works, go to Sequeida’s official YouTube channel and watch it in motion. You can also follow him for more updates and fun projects.


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