Netflix's first video game 'Eden Unearthed' is available for free for Oculus Quest

After releasing two Stranger Things games for free to Android users in Poland with a Netflix subscription last month, Netflix has now launched its first video game, which is a VR title ‘Eden Unearthed,’ for Oculus Quest headsets on the App Lab.

This short and sweet single-player game was available from April 21, but it has come to notice now (via UploadVR) and is available for free on the Oculus App Lab for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets.

Eden Unearthed

“Eden Unearthed” is based upon the Netflix Anime TV series ‘Eden’ that was launched in May 2021. Eden follows the story of two robots living a thousand years after humanity is disappeared. One day the robots found a girl who was sleeping in stasis and this journey of adventure started.

Similar to TV Series, the game is also showing the future without humans in which players are robots riding a motorbike with high speed across a vast and changing landscape and collecting apples as biofuel. While riding a motorbike avoid clashes with obstacles so that your speed does not go slow and at various points, in-game you will be pull up beside a landmark to show a short narration and educational tool of a story. 

Eden Unearthed

At last, it aims to ride a bike as long as possible before your fuel runs out and then compete for a global high score. And if you’re curious and want to take a sneak peek at the game, do visit its App Lab listing here.

Also, if you haven’t played this game go to Oculus App Lab and download its file of  182.7 MB and start playing it with your Oculus Quest or Quest 2.

There will be more Netflix games in the future until then enjoy Eden Unearthed, which will get updates in the future to enhance its controls, comfort, and performance. 

I hope you like this information and stay tuned with us to get more information like this!



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