Netflix's roguelike PC game Kate: Collateral Damage coming to Steam on October 22

Developed by Ludic Studios, Kate: Collateral Damage is a “time-attack action roguelike” that relates to the John Wick-like action movie Kate by Netflix that streamed in early September 2021, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead about an assassin who has 24 hours to find the antidote to a poison that is killing her.

After Eden Unearthed, the VR experience game for Oculus VR, Kate: Collateral Damage is the second game to tie-in to a recently released Netflix original, also continuing the foray of streaming giants into gaming.

The plot of the movie makes the game’s time attack approach easy to understand as players take over the central character on her quest. Steam description revealed players extend the length of each run by killing enemies to slow down the constantly depleting timer, and earning stimulant syringes that reset it entirely. Also, as most firearms have limited ammo, you’ll need to get creative and adapt your tactics to the moment.

The movie’s plot also comes into play through your hostage-turned-companion Ani and its grimy neon-lit atmosphere. Unlike an earlier Ludic Studios game, Akane, Kate: Collateral Damage leans into a 3⁄4 view, but comparing their trailers shows why the Brazilian developer was a good match for the content.

Kate: Collateral Damage is scheduled for release via Steam on October 22nd (available to whishlist now). There’s no pricing listed, but it doesn’t look like this game is tied to your subscription like the ones Netflix is testing on Android.


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