Neymar Outflanked Shox & ZywOo in CSGO Match

Neymar – Those Skills

So what is bliss for football fans? Maybe it is watching your football stars showing skills on the field and being equivalently skillful in other activities. As Neymar Jr., a football legend took on pros Richard “Shox” Papillon and Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut in a showmatch today and yet again proved his CSGO skills.

He was extra lethal during a pistol round on Inferno as he outplayed his opposition by clutching made 1v4 using back to back headshots direct at the opposition.

Twitter- Next Esports Superstar

And he is making the eye fall on him as Rod “Slasher” Breslau shared a clip on Twitter by naming him the “next esports superstar” and mockingly asking the esports team to sign him soon.

What did Lethal Neymar do?

Neymar CSGO

So what’s happened was that Neymar landed a headshot from the balcony of Inferno and planted the bomb at A and then he showed patience by waiting for the enemies. The second victim with the headshot was ZywOo who was attempting a retake. And then he made his move to approach the next enemy near the same spot and at last won the round by killing Shox, of course with a head shot.

Neymar Jr.’s exceptional skills for CSGO are highly appreciable but it wasn’t enough that his team could win the match. And the game did end at 16-5 and his team lost.



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