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It’s no secret that the design and production ramp of the Model 3 was challenging for Tesla. For Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it was also a rough time. We know this because he spoke on a fairly regular basis about how hard it was. We didn’t know Musk approached Apple boss Tim Cook to see if during that time he might be interested in buying Tesla. 

Shocking, oh yeah? Especially now, with Tesla’s value comfortably present in the stratosphere, but here’s the kicker: Musk’s request for a meeting was not even approved by Apple—or at least that’s what Musk said on Twitter on Tuesday. He also said he intended to give the company for one-tenth of its present value somewhere in the neighbourhood of $6 billion. 

This statement came about as part of a discussion, as reported by Reuters, about Apple’s allegedly renewed attempt to develop its own electric and autonomous vehicle. It is said that the Apple car is destined for launch in 2025 and uses lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. 

Meanwhile, Tesla is working to develop its Cybertruck factory in Austin, Texas, and its German Gigafactory, as well as to increase Chinese production of its Model Y crossover. As outlined in its Battery Day presentation earlier this year, it also continues to improve its’ Full Self-Driving’ technology and new battery technologies. 


  1. […] Tesla has bloomed a lot in recent years in the wake of the urge for more green vehicles and for that, there is an increase in demand for power sources. Every day new ways of building a new type of battery are been developed by researchers which could help to store more energy leading to a long time one can drive per charge. This development has lead us to the new technology that is being ventured- Zinc-Air Battery (ZAB). But it comes up with a challenge that it can be sometimes unstable. […]


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