According to reports by WCCFTech, it looks like Nvidia isn’t messing around with its upcoming Ampere graphics cards launch, with RTX 3000 series GPUs. Which can arrive in September and October, with a range of very powerful specs, claims reports.

Reported Details about Ampere graphic cards

WCCFTech report details about the amount of VRAM of these Ampere graphic cards and also about their purported board numbers. The top-end Ampere cards will seem to be based on 3 distinct GPUs which are PG132, PG142, and PG190.

And now according to reports, Nvidia’s GPU with the PG132-10 board, which could be the RTX 3080 Ti will going to replace its current RTX 2080 Ti. And will launch in the 2nd half of September with 24GB of vRAM, a 384 bit bus width.

Nvidia RTX 3000

Nvidia will also launch two cards which will be aimed to replace its current RTX 2080 Super. In which first is based on the PG132-30 board and could be the RTX 3080. And will be launching in mid-September, with 10GB of vRAM and a 320-bit bus. Now the second PG132-20 board based GPU will come with 20GB of vRAM and a 320-bit bus width and will launch in the 1st half of October.

Nvidia is also planning two new GPUs to replace its current RTX 2070 Super. The first one is PG142-10 board based GPU with 8GB of vRAM and a 256-bit bus. Which will launch in the 2nd half of September. Now the second one is PG142-0 board based GPU, which will come with 16GB of vRAM. Its GPU bus width and launch date have not been decided yet.

Now finally, it looks like Nvidia will be launching a more affordable GPU to replace its RTX 2060 Super. And this one will have PG190-10 board with 8GB vRAM and a 256-bit bus. For this again the launch date is not yet set.

How this can be a threat to AMD’s “Big Navi” flagship

The one variant of the GeForce RTX 3080 which is reported to launch in the 1st half of October with 24GB vRAM can create problems for AMD. AMD is also rumored to be launching its “Big Navi” flagship around the same time, which is coming with 16GB vRAM. And now this would be interesting to see if either NVIDIA or AMD engage in a price war like they did previously at the time of RX 5700XT launch.

AMD Big Navi

On a related note, there are also some reports that claim that the nomenclature for NVIDIA’s Ampere cards hasn’t been finalized yet. And there is a possibility that this lineup might not be called 3000 series, but something else completely.



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