Peruvian Amazon jungle home for Marsupial Frog, New species of frog

Marsupial Frog

The state service for natural protected areas announced on Monday that a new species of marsupial frog has been found in Peru’s Amazon jungle.

The new species is a tailless frog from South and Central America, belonging to the Gastrotheca family.

Found in Protected Area of Amazon

The SERNANP service said, “The Cordillera de Colán National Sanctuary made a significant scientific discovery: a new species of marsupial frog was registered for the first time in this protected area in the Amazon region.”

Marsupial Frog

The finding was made a few weeks ago during a study in the Cordilleras de Colan, a humid tundra and mountainous forest area in northern Peru near the Ecuador border that sits at 3,100 metres altitude.

How does it Appear?

“A dense granular skin on the back, a green dorsal coloration without a pattern, turquoise iris, and a belly without spots, specks, or dots distinguish this new species,” SERNANP said.

The Cordillera de Colán National Sanctuary covers over 39,000 hectares and is home to six endangered wildlife areas.

Amazon- Home for rare Species

According to Peruvian authorities, the region is of great ecological significance since it is home to many rare species.

As a result, it has been designated as a conservation priority site.


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