playstation ai agents

PlayStation is working together with Sony’s artificial intelligence division to make “AI Agents” that can play around close by human players. 

Uncovered inside Sony’s most recent corporate strategy meeting documents, the notes clarify that “Sony AI, which we set up a year ago, has started a joint effort with PlayStation that will make gameplay considerably more extravagant and more enjoyable. By utilizing reinforcement learning, we are creating Game AI Agents that can be a major part’s in-game opponent or cooperation accomplice.”

PlayStation is creating 'AI Agents' That Will Play Games With You
Sony’s AI team is working with PlayStation to create ‘AI Agents’

These Game AI Agents might be related to a new patent from Sony, named “Automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control Mode For Playing Specific Tasks During Gaming Applications.” This framework is depicted as artificial intelligence that can “mimic human gameplay” in light of a playstyle gained from a human. 

Artificial intelligence characters inside games, be they collaborative accomplices in games like Call of Duty or the foe AI opponents that we battle in a large number of games, are the same old thing. The fascinating thing here is that these Agents are intended to resemble human players, so more like a companion in the community or an enemy in a PvP game. Sony’s Game AI Agents could be the following stage in a different world for ‘bots’ in multiplayer games.


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