'Beats Studio Buds' could launch any time now as LeBron James spotted wearing them

Previously we reported, that some internal files are pointing that Apple is working on unannounced earbuds under its Beats brand called ‘Beats Studio Buds.’ And today, the Los Angeles Lakers player, LeBron James, posted photos of him wearing those new ‘Beats Studio Buds’. It seems that LeBron James couldn’t wait to try out the unreleased ‘Beats Studio Buds’.

Now, as the pictures were taken from some distance, so it is hard to see earbuds in detail but folks at MacRumors reveal that if you look really closely, you will find LeBrons’ white earbuds looking exactly the same as the renders shown in the animation shared by Moser. Also by judging the shape, they appear to be a good match for the images and videos that were already leaked and what we have seen from FCC filings as well.

  • 'Beats Studio Buds' FCC filling
  • Black 'Beats Studio Buds' leaked

This also makes sense because, Beats headphones are extremely popular with players and artists, in fact, LeBron James is a Beats endorser and a promoter since long before Apple bought the entire 2008 Olympic men’s basketball team pairs of $350 Beats headphones provided a major marketing boost. So it’s no surprise that Apple has shipped a few units to these people before the official launch. 

Even so, Apple has yet to officially announce the release date of the new ‘Beats Studio Buds’, which are expected to have automatic pairing with Apple devices, noise cancellation, and a smart charging case just like the AirPods. And after this LeBron tease, Apple could be announcing the at any moment now. 

So, that was all about the latest update. Let us know your opinion on the new ‘Beats Studio Buds’ in the comment section and till then stay tuned for further updates.



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