Pokémon red version playable on Twitter

Twitch Plays Pokémon is so 2014 nowadays, it’s tied in with playing Pokémon Red inside somebody’s avatar on Twitter.

No doubt, we’re not kidding – Gameloft Montreal developer Constantin Liétard (@screenshakes) figured out how to assemble a script that refreshes his Twitter avatar every 15 seconds, which is playing the Game Boy classic. At the hour of writing, there are almost more than 8,000 answers. Very little has played out yet, as the maker has reset the game a couple of times to improve command inputs and add new functionality that saves the frames. The story so far is the determination of the starter pocket beast, Squirtle.

Even though completing a game this way may appear to be a close outlandish undertaking, Twitch started its journey with Pokémon Red and proceeded to finish seven seasons of Pokémon games.

We figured 2021 may get somewhat wild, however, this thought has effectively well, and genuinely outperformed our assumptions. Will you be partaking in this new social media experiment?


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