one piece dark moments

Dark moments make a show more impactful and One piece is no different. Even though this anime is known for its light tone but there are several moments that fit the former definition quite well. Let’s dive into such moments from One piece anime.

Tequila Wolf - One Piece

Enslaved in Tequila Wolf

Tequila wolf is an immensely extended bridge that was under construction for 700 years. It depicts the noble’s greed to conquer the world as they intended to change the world for their own good. This not only symbolizes noble’s gain for themselves but centuries of enslavement. The civilian laborers were essentially forced into its construction for the set centennial. These slaves wasted their lives feeding the world nobles, they were forced to work in the most brutal conditions for so long that even after liberation the enslaved might struggle to fit into normal life.

Nami and Arlong

Nami’s tragic past

Nami had suffered an extraordinarily tragic past. She was an orphan found on a battlefield. She grew up in Kakashi village with her adoptive mother. One day fisherman pirate Arlong arrived at her village and held them hostage. He killed those who were not able to pay for their lives including Nami’s mother, in front of her eyes. They kidnapped Nami and forced her to draw maps. Then she made a deal with Arlong to raise 100 Mn to buy back her village. But this deal was more of slavery until the day she met Luffy and felt freedom for the first time.

Dolfamingo controls King Riku

Irony in Dressrosa

Doflamingo comes in the list of unforgettable villains in One Piece (not only because this arc was quite long but his fleshy character development contributed). The parasite abilities he possessed was quite something, he could control anyone like emotionless puppets. But these puppets could feel every kill they attempted. They had to undergo the torture of killing the ones they swore to protect. He controlled King Riku and various soldiers and made them mercilessly kill the civilians.

Brook - One Piece

Brook’s tragic past

Brook is an eccentric, undead master of music. But his story is pretty damn tragic. Around 52 years prior to the current timeline, he was a member of Rumbar Pirates. Once the crew got contracted an incurable disease and half of the men along with their captain died. In the Florien triangle, the rest of the crew was attacked by poisoned weapons. As Brook had eaten devil fruit he was able to resurrect off death. But Brook’s second chance doomed him to a worse life. He had to live lonely for 50 years of his life.

Ace saved Luffy

Summit war arc full of deaths

This arc of One Piece is full of some pretty nasty deaths. Akainu made Whitebeard’s death the goriest death in the series. Whitebeard had half of his organs blazed, 152 gunshots, 267 sword-inflicted wounds, and 46 canon explosions. Akainu tied to kill Luffy but Ace saved him by taking the blow onto himself.

Wano Arc - One Piece

Wano arc’s brutality

When the dark moments try to collide with the vibrant environment of One Piece, this gives the fans chills. The advancing Wano Arc is full of such moments. Orochi’s tyrannical rule forced citizens to consume defective food (Smile fruit), mothers to kill their infants, and whatnot. The public execution of Kozuiki Oden and his nine vassals adds to the list of another horrifying execution in Wano Arc. He was publicly shot dead after being boiled for an hour.



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