5 moments that changed One Piece's protagonist Luffy forever

One Piece’s protagonist Monkey D. Luffy’s growth is not something new, he always rises through the occasion no matter what has been out before him no matter the opponent his growth has always been necessary. Luffy has to lose several times, he had his life saved but these are the losses that helped him grow, these things he realizes that getting stronger is necessary. The following picks will illustrate how they impacted Luffy and his character and changed him forever.

The very first motivation: Shanks’ Straw Hat

In the very first chapter of One Piece, Luffy introduces himself as a proper shonen protagonist, with him proclaiming his desire to win over the whole pirate community. He announces that he will become a great pirate and eventually the pirate king. After he makes this statement, Shanks gave him the hat and states “I’ll let you take care of this hat, it’s very important to me. Take good care of it. Someday, return it to me as a great pirate, it’s a promise, Luffy.”

This hat is my gift to you - Shanks to Luffy
This hat is my gift to you – Shanks

Roger and Shanks only have the hat during their early years when they were forming their crews and then they passed it to someone else right before they were recognized as great pirates. This hat represents dreams, passion, efforts, encouragement, and challenge. The hat is in itself a treasure that kick-started Luffy’s journey

Luffy’s announcement about the Going Merry

The Going Merry was a very important part of Luffy’s crew. But in the 7 water arc, he had to make some pretty serious decisions as Merry could not be repaired after it took them this far. Prior to Iceberg’s questioning his abilities and commitments as captain Luffy was acting irrationally but he understood that he must decide in everybody’s favor and to leave with a new ship.

Usopp and Luffy

Not only this but when Usopp contradicts his decision and challenges Luffy to fight and take Merry gracefully. He had to fight him and realize that as a captain he has to make tough decisions that might not entertain everybody. Zoro said, “That’s what it means to be a captain, isn’t it? Don’t lose yourself. If you waver who can we trust?” Afterward, Luffy would emerge as a great captain.

Straw Hats Vs Kuma

The thriller Bark arc was able to pull off some close moments that other fan-favorite arcs never managed to pull. It was the moment when the viewers were genuinely concerned about the fate of Straw Hats. Luffy would learn from his failures, the face-off against Pacafistas and Admiral Borsalino didn’t end in their favor. He made the crew retreat and scatter to save their lives but Kuma wipes them all out. But it was Kuma’s mercy that he was secretly adding the Straw Hats to escape.

Now only he was able to decide that they have to lie low and gather more strength. So the Straw Hats pirates had to disperse and become capable to handle more pressure. It came as a reality check where he experienced how it felt to be completely powerless.

Luffy meeting Jinbei

Luffy and Jinbei

Having a relationship with Jinbei gave Luffy a sense of having unlikely allies and get to know the value of patience. He met Jinbei in the very beginning, even though all the meetings with his crewmate have significant importance but meeting Jinbei was different. Even though he didn’t make it to the crew initially but when Wano Arc takes place he commits himself entirely to Luffy. Jinbei helped him in his most difficult times when he wasn’t able to save his brother when the Straw Hats were scattered. Thus, he was able to move on from his brother’s death.

Luffy losing Ace

When the Straw Hats were separated, Luffy had the most difficult times. He had to save his brother which wasn’t any easy and at last, Ace died in his arms. Now he had nothing neither his crew nor his brother. We could see him wavered on his dream for the very first time, it was like he would surrender. But Jinbei helped him get through all of this.

Luffy losing Ace - One Piece



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