Ad by Microsoft Proving Surface Pro 7 better choice over Macbook Pro

Surface Pro 7: The Better Choice

Microsoft with its operating systems has already made a larger impact in the market but now it is shooting its effort against Apple’s Mac lineup. A new ad has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of Microsoft Surface regarding Surface Pro 7 depicting it as a better choice than Apple’s MacBook Pro

The video offers hands-on real-time comparing Surface Pro 7 directly against the MacBook Pro. However, at the end of the 30-second video, the prices are compared where MacBook Pro is said to be $1299 but one can spot that the physical Esc key is not featured. So it indicates that the latest model of MacBook Pro is not being used which is powered by an Intel chipset rather than the Apple Silicon. 

Touch Screen vs Touch Bar

The video sights a major drawback of MacBook Pro as it only features a “little bar” with touch support whereas Surface Pro 7 features a full touch screen. Microsoft’s model comes with a detachable keyboard while one is “stuck with what you’ve got” with a MacBook Pro. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

In the description of the video, it has been mentioned that the Surface Pro 7 can be used as a tablet as well as a laptop. 

Pricing and Specs

This is the first video stating that Surface Pro 7 is a “much better gaming device” than MacBook Pro with an affordable price tag. A 12.3-inch display is featured in Surface Pro 7 starting at $750 with a base configuration of 128GB storage and 4GB RAM going up to $2,299.99 with 1TB storage and 16GB RAM. 

The MacBook Pro prices start at $1299 for Apple’s M1 processor with 8GB unified memory and 256GB storage. While one can 2TB storage and 16GB unified memory at $2,999. 


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