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Racing anime gives the viewers a thrilling endeavour better than everyone else. Classic street-racing anime Initial D has replicated the sensation at the full steer. Surprises twist n turns, techniques and strategic portrayal make this franchise a must-watch for racing heads. It follows tofu delivery boy Takumi Fujiwara as he descends into the world of street racers, competing to master the cutting-edge mountain roads in Japan. Through tofu jobs, Takumi’s father covertly trained his son to be a beast behind the wheel. Let’s find out the racers who are capable of bypassing the mountain master Takumi Fujiwara.

Bunta Fujiwara->

Bunta Fujiwara

The first stage had hype about AE86 Trueno, renowned as the ‘White Ghost of Akina’, Bunta Fujiwara was the original driver of that ghost. During his time as a street racer, he was unbeatable and briskly holds the title of unprecedented downhill time. He drove AE86, Impreza but his signature was WRX. He clutches the crown of the most forbidden driver in countryside Akina as he propels his white ghost AE86 drifting and lighting a cigarette at the same time.

His signature Subaru WRX is famous for harvesting the world rally championship consecutively for 3 times. No doubt it was his best buddy.  He used to send Takumi for delivery and put a cup in the holder and challenged him not to spill even a drop while driving. This mess better explains how Takumi became the master of mountains. 

This carburettor loving champ would drift his car around the corner on the mountains without steering and he would do that while smoking. His Gutter runs where he would gutter while exiting, this will allow him to turn beyond the grip of his tires.  He defeated everyone including the Gods (Dr Joshima, Hoshino) and definitely holds the title for being the no 1 racer in Mt Akina.

Dr Toshiya Joshima->

Dr Toshiya Joshima

He has the epithet ‘God Hand’ as he employs only one hand while racing. He makes it clear that he does so that his opponents could get a chance.  He drives his blue 2003 Honda S2000 Type-V. With being one of project D’s most fierce opponents he is famous for playing pranks on the road. Working on cars is his passion.

He can control the car’s rate with delicate inputs using only one hand. He remarkably joins the list hardly any people who beat Takumi Fujiwara in a race. But taking age as a factor he wasn’t able to take the strain of the race anymore and due to this he had to let Takumi pass in their battle. He has an intellectual style similar to Ryosuke Takahashi. He procures peculiar contentment by tugging his jabs. He is able to use wheel lifting and can confuse his chaser by manipulating his vector. He is a cruel bastard.  He plays tricks and confuses the opponents as he did with Takumi, there in the battle he drove like Bunta thus causing Takumi to have self-doubt so that he could dominate the battle. 


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