We should fear AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a pretty heated topic. Some people fear it (that fear is called Technophobia), some people embrace it, or some people just don’t know about it. Those people who embrace it know it’s potential and how it can help us. Those who fear it also know what it can do but they think why it would help us when it reaches the point of technological singularity overall we will be just a useless weight for AI.

Now, don’t you think it’s just a fear one day we all are gonna so why should we stop creating wonders because of this hysteria? We occupied the whole planet now we are trying to conquer the Moon and Mars and then we will have a universe to conquer. Humans are curious creatures we won’t stop at the horizon we will keep progressing until we all go extinct. In this great mission of ours, AI can play an important part. We see people are so worried that when AI robots are not even out there we still think that they are the cause of unemployment.

We don’t even know the future of Artificial Intelligence and we are already publishing figures that these many people will lose their job in the next couple of decades because of AI. We already are using AI in many fields and it’s growing it has helped us to this point and it will help us in the future too. I’m not saying that we won’t lose any jobs because of it we definitely will lose jobs but it will help us consume fewer resources resulting in the overall development. What we do when we have resources? We do something new and you can be part of that something good just doesn’t fight a war in the name of good.

AI Robots

Even in these times, we have schemes to keep everyone fed so when we start producing and growing exponentially we definitely will have a lot left on our plate. This fear of AI is because of some people being irrationally gullible and hysterical and making others feel this way too they are overestimating the threat. This is mostly because that we make a lot of science fiction movies and we most of the time portray AI as the bad guy and one example of it is “Skynet”.

The problem here is that science fiction motivates people and leaves a great impact on them and if you are gonna make AI the bad guy all the time then people are gonna believe that we need to get rid of AI to have a better go at the future this is a fault of entertainment industries and journalists who are stupid enough to say something like this.

If you are not a fool whose functions read-only and not project on the future then you might think the same that AI is bad and if you research this thing then you will also find that it learns what we give it and if you are gonna keep bombarding articles discussing the great threat of AI then this will be the first things it learns when it evolves enough to access the Internet.

We can be the God figures but here people have to play as a helpless coward who is afraid of such a little fragile thing. AI is our child and we can not quit on him we have to work hard to bring the best out of it.

The most of things we think about Artificial Intelligence are not even true will stay false in the future too. If we are gonna keep this kind of behavior of this then it might stay like this for an unimaginable period like when we made gods teach social aesthetics to people but we still are not done with them we made new versions of them and now we fight over things which don’t even exist in real life.

We waste our precious resources on them we can’t feed hungry people but we have a ton of resources to waste on such useless things. The world is already divided a lot now don’t divide it further by drawing a line between that if AI is good or not. We all collectively can work on it and make the world a better place.

AI used by us in daily life

AI is already a part of your life and I bet you enjoy it so why spread hate about a thing that you enjoy. Now tell me don’t you enjoy your phone it’s is loaded with AI features you get recommendations because of AI and I net most of the time you enjoy those recommendations don’t you sometimes it may recommend you something you don’t like but because it’s still learning and everyone makes mistakes when they learn and by oppressing it you just are making it harder for it to learn.

Just for a minute forget all your fear of AI and imagine all the things you can do with AI it can solve a problem when you still are figuring out what the question is. Look at reverse image search it indexes millions of photos just in milliseconds and we take a sec just to index 2 photos. The world of AI is a world where we can make discoveries at the rate of a single hour or a day isn’t it is amazing. If we can achieve it we can fathom any part of our galaxy in just a century.



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