eminem and mark mark zuckerberg

Eminem destroyed many personalities like Donald Trump, Mariah Carey, Ja Rule, and Machine Gun Kelly, to name a few in his lifetime with his sharp words. Now, since there is no beef between Slim Shady and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, Artificial Intelligence has created a Zuckerberg diss track, imitating the diss-flow rapping of Eminem. 

YouTube creators, Calamity AI, recently developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model to write and compose a diss track in Eminem’s voice and his signature flow about Mark Zuckerberg. 

To compose the entire lyrics, the creators used a GPT-3-powered tool, which is just an amalgamation of gibberish diss-words that do not actually make sense. Some of the sentences, however, are straight-up superficial roasts and are incredibly humorous. 

First as input for the Shortly Read tool, the creators set “Mark Zuckerberg diss in the Eminem style.” To imitate Eminem’s voice for rap, they then used the Google Tactron 2 engine, which can generate human-like speech from texts. 

Calamity AI’s creators then sent the audio to another YouTube creator, 30Hz, to make an acceptable video for the song. And 30Hz did a good job by making a legitimate-looking music video for the Zuckerberg-diss-track, In the video below you can check the final output:



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